Best and Worst WordPress Themes of 2013

On the anniversary of WordPress I felt it was important to talk about the Best and the Worst WP Themes in the market to day. Who would have thought that WordPress as a single idea would have grown into an entire industry for developers of WP Themes and WP Plugin’s it has done that for sure.


With any new industry comes good and bad in the way of providers of services and products that is also true with the WP Theme business. I have used WP since the start so I can share my opinions about WP Theme developers having first hand experience with most as my clients find this amazing Theme that they want modified I end up in the Best and Worst WordPress Theme Developers.

I have Three theme developers I would suggest based on solid themes, easy to install, great support and ease of customization of the themes they sell and offer. They are also the developers not brokers or affiliates like many are today.

As Deluxe Themes states:

Are you looking for a top-notch, highly customizable CMS theme for WordPress?We have provided more than 3,000 awesome customers with premium, cutting-edge WordPress magazine & CMS themes.

Deluxe Themes mostly feature Magazine and NewsPaper or Portal type Themes in there Portfolio. The Themes install easily, pretty straight forward as far as customizing limited if you do not have great PHP code knowledge but Deluxe delivers what you see in the demo is what you get with there Themes.

Support could be a little quicker but then again when you do get a response to a questions it is an answer to the questions you have asked. With all the WP sites being hacked as of late Deluxe Themes that I do run on my Hosted WP Sites have never had a problem with Hacking.

For Magazine and Newspaper sites I suggest Deluxe Themes as my first choice.

ThemeFuse WP Themes

I use two of this Theme Developers Themes over and over and over again. You would never know they are the same basic Theme when we are finished. That tells you how flexible this developer has made there Themes. ThemeFuse Themes are a little pricey compared to most other themes. You get what you pay for and it is worth the money in two areas ease of installation, one click WP Theme installs, demo content that puts these complex WP Themes up and running in minutes. We have all had these Themes with demo content it did what?

ThemeFuse has thought of almost everything in the way of customization put right at your finger tips with the demo content pages they supply with lots of sample code for speed of customization.

In the ThemeFuse Themes I use two mostly Welcome Inn which is a Hotel and Vacation Rental Theme. Super rich functions makes this theme a dream to setup and build product inventory of Rooms, Sliders of all kinds, and super SEO features. By SEO features I do not mean the basics I mean these Themes from ThemeFuse rock in the SEO world of indexed pages in search engines.

The next Theme from ThemeFuse I use a lot is PhotoArtist. I have used many Photography WP Themes over my life in WordPress and this is what of the slickest WP Themes I have ever seen. Again this is a complex them in many ways it is huge 12 megabytes without the demo content. One click ThemeFuse Install works and yes load the demo content this will save you hours of time.

Theme Highlights

Best for a photography website

You will love this photography WordPress theme if you are looking for a website to showcase your work. With some really cool dedicated features, your stunning website it’s bound to drop some jaws.

Stunning portfolio slider

A “full-screen” slider display with features that give the viewer more control over the presentation. They can get rid of all the UI elements that get in the way and also jump to any image from the category.

Fuse framework

We’ve created an unique, massive back end CMS, that gives you almost unending possibilities of making changes in order to suit your specific needs.


The thing with short codes is that it enables you to let your imagination run wild and create countless different pages and templates for your website.

Support is great from Theme FuseI can just leave it at that.

Templatic WP Themes

What this Theme developer states about there business is true and honest facts they build great themes and offer stunning support.

Templatic about:

We are a company that specializes in creating business solutions in a form of WordPress themes. With 5 years under our belt we’re one of the oldest companies in the business and have helped thousands in creating their dream website.

Templatic started in Surat, India with just a handful of programmers and designers. Our goal was to make the process of creating a website easy, straightforward and affordable. The same mindset is applied to our latest themes as well. Today the company has over 20 employees spanning across three different continents.

Why Templatic?

What makes Templatic stand out is the unique approach to theme development. In a time where most companies choose either design or functionality, we aim to bring best of both worlds. As a result, our themes both work and look the part eliminating the need for any additional plugins or extensions.

I build a lot of Hotel, Vacation, Travel and Tourism sites for clients. I came across this feature rich Theme Hotel Booking with a huge back end booking, payment and tracking system already built in. You do not need to hunt through plugin’s to make this site work it has it all and much more ease toy setup and administrate.

Hotel Booking WordPress theme is a sleek theme powered by our advanced Tevolution plugin and the Booking System add-on. Use the section below to read more about each plugin as well as features that are unique to CMS Hotel Booking system for WordPress. Our Hotel Booking Premium theme is ideal for you to manage your hotel online with great features like an online booking form a booking calendar and much more.

Templatic has a large Portfolio of themes none of which I have tried, I feel based on my experience with Templatic support alone I would use other themes. Nice people in there support group I have asked some pretty out there questions.

Worst WP Themes of 2013

I choose not to name names of these WP Theme sellers I can only offer some questions and cautions before purchasing these WP Themes from these groups.

  1. In searching for that perfect WP Theme for your clients project beware of these sites that offer hundred of WP Themes covering every category they are brokers of themes not developers.
  2. Before purchasing a Theme check out there support comments from users. Ask a few questions in there support area about a specific theme they are offering and look for users that have purchased themes and have problems.
  3. Ask for the developers direct contact information before purchasing a theme.

What you will find with these WP Theme sites is that they are sellers of Themes not developers. When you have an issue you will find you get passed around or told to look at there support area for answers. When you are frustrated and have exhausted all support means and you cannot make the Theme you purchase function as the demo has you will find it hard to get a refund. In some case I was insulted yes insulted and I am a pretty advanced use and developer. Or you want customization or little changes and they want to charge you.

So ask before you buy a theme and ask a lot of questions of these sites with Hundreds of WP Themes for sale. You will not regret spending the time.


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